Care of Your Pillow

Both of your pillow casings (inner and outer) are infused with silver.

NOTE: The outer casing of your pillow may be washed as desired, but do not wash the inner pillow that contains the kapok fill.

If you find your pillow needs plumping after regular use, place inner casing on LOW heat for dryer for 15 minutes.

Caution: make sure the inner zipper is completely closed and some dryers can heat up very quickly, so please be nearby to avoid high heat.

NOTE: The firmness of your Silverite bed pillow can be adjusted by adding or removing some of the kapok filling.  Please take your bed pillow outside or in a garage-type setting when adjusting the the kapok fill because it will float like “milk weed” due to its “nature’s cashmere” properties.

  • The Silverite Bed Pillow is ergonomically designed for the most perfect fit and support for the ultimate sleep experience. The luxurious, 100% cotton cover is infused with our silver technology AND filled with Kapok, NATURES CASHMERE, providing the luxury feel you are seeking.  Make the REST of your life, the best of your life with the Silverite Bed Pillow!


    This is a queen pillow and the dimensions are approximately 28″ x 19″ x 8″. The silver infused pillow case is approximately 29″ X 20″ x 9″.  All prices are in USD.


    *Patent Pending!*

    Items Included:

    • Pillow with fill
    • Pillow Case
    • Pillow Travel Case
  • Silverite’s ergonomically designed travel pillow is the “Traveler’s Dream Pillow”.  The luxurious 100% cotton, silver infused casing, along with KAPOK-fill keeps the head and neck cool, while being properly supported during those long flights and extensive car rides.   Experience the comfort and benefits of Silverite’s natural technology with this ultimate travel pillow!

  • Use the power of silver to help control pet odor in your home and during travel with the Silverite Pet Throw.   This thick, plushy, reversible fabric is infused with our silver technology will become your “family and pet favorite”.

  • The ultimate ODOR-REDUCING pet bed to keep your pet happy and your house smelling great.

    The Silverite™ Pet Bed features exclusive silver-infused technology that eliminates odor-causing bacteria and keeps the fibers of our pet bed scent-free for long lasting freshness.

    Small = 21 x 36 Inches

    Medium = 24 x 42 Inches

    Large = 28 x 48 Inches

    X-Large = 35 x 50 Inches

    Pet beds are temporarily out of stock.