Our pillow’s Frequently Asked Questions. We know you have questions and we want to answer them as best as possible. If you don’t find your answer here, reach out to us by submitting a contact form on our “Contact Us” page.

How long does the silver stay in the product?

We engineer our Silverite™ products using high quality materials to provide excellent performance. Most users find they need to wash their Silverite™ products less frequently than conventional items and this extends the useful life of Silverite™ products. Depending on washing conditions the wash durability may vary, however most consumers report positive results through 25+ washings.

How does one wash the fabrics?

Each component of the Silverite™ system has specific wash requirements. Please refer to wash instructions on each product tag. Products that can be washed, should be washed using a cold water normal wash cycle in a typical home laundry machine. Do not wash kapok filled products.

What is the importance of silver in the fabrics?

Silver has long history of being a safe and effective antimicrobial. Many common odors are caused from by-products of bacteria so reducing odor on is one of the benefits of Silverite™ products. Silverite™ uses a silver platform to deliver excellent performance in a wide range of products.

Does the silver eventually wash out?

We engineer our Silverite™ products to deliver performance that gives you “Peace of Mind”. The silver will continuously move to the surface of the material during use. Although the level of silver in the product decreases over time, most users find they need to wash their Silverite™ products less frequently than conventional products. Depending on wash methods and use patterns most consumers report positive results through 25+ washings.

How safe is the silver infusion process?

Our process has been refined and perfected to produce Silverite™ products in a safe manner. The components and materials used to make our products have been carefully selected for safety and performance. Silver has many great properties which enhance the performance of Silverite™ products.

Can a person absorb too much silver?

Silverite™ products contain silver that is engineered to minimize absorption through skin contact while providing high value performance. Silver has a long history of being safely used in many applications such jewelry worn on the skin and piercings that penetrate the skin. Excessive exposure to silver can cause a skin discoloration called Argyria, however exposures that cause this condition are normally very high doses. Normal use of Silverite™ products should not cause argyria, so if any symptoms of skin discoloration occur discontinue use immediately until the source of the discoloration is determined.

Does the silver come off in the environment from the fabrics?

Silver is a naturally occurring precious metal. In nature, dissolved silver quickly complexes with sulfides and other common components of water creating compounds that reduce the environmental impact when compared to silver ions alone. Nature is amazing, so are our Silverite™ products.

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