Affiliate Terms and Conditions

As an affiliate of Silverite Global, the objective is to create a win-win for both client and affiliate.

The purpose is to share the Silverite Global products with individual databases and followers for the purpose of a gained commission.

Silverite Global will be responsible for the order fulfillment and shipping.

The length of time of the campaign is at the discretion of the affiliate and approved by the client ie; Silverite global. It can be an ongoing campaign in which Silverite leaves it open-ended for anyone who chooses to use the code at a different date.

The benefit to the affiliates’ followers/customers is for them to obtain an approved product with a significant discount.

The commissions to affiliates are 20% and to be paid on the 15th of the month following the campaign.

The collaboration of the campaign can either use our marketing team for the creation of a specific landing page or it can go directly to the website with the code insertion of which each sale can be properly tracked.

Action items:
A unique discount code of the affiliates’ liking will be created and available for use immediately.

Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with you on products to make a difference. We look forward to working with you.